Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 thoughts *spoilers*

I'm back. ^^ 

I have to admit i didn't have as much fun as last time. Mainly because it seemed like every obnxious teenager or college kid came out. And i mean OBNOXIOUS!! They were doing flips down the aisles, talking loudly before and during the movie, and basically just reminding myself why i have never fit in with those my age. Mainly because as people said i'm a bit more mature than many of my age. I was not the only one annoyed. A few other people i talked to were tired of the obnoxious behavior as well. I ended sitting by a friends/sister/brother unsure pair which was nice. They guy asked for my email address afterwards. Don't know if anything will come of that. 

Anyways..... Here is myself minus my Gryffindor scarf before i left for the premiere. My hair matches the curtains. lol 

Hmmm i never thought i'd day this, but for the first time i didn't not love love a Harry Potter movie. Sure i've had issues in the past. The thing is that not at this level. Something just felt really really off. I think it'll be easier to explain if i did things in bullet points.


* DOBBY. OMG he was so freaking cute. I loved every moment he was on screen. I loved him in his sneakers.  He had so many brilliant one liners this time around that i couldn't stop laughing. His death scene was heart breaking as well.

* The seven potters. Brilliant. Dan is such a good comedy actor. He nailed the scene completely.

* Luna. Luna Luna Luna can never fail.

* The whole Remus/Tonks storyline was left out. *YA!S for them cutting this part out. No nutty Remus and Tonks only graced my screen for a few moments.

* The Harry & Hermione dance scene. It was so sweet.

* The scenery. AMAZING BALLS.

* The Doe scene. ^^

* Malfory Manor. Emma was brilliant in the torture scene. All of it went rather well.


* The Ministry scenes. I didn't love love them, but i still liked them. ^^ Ron was whom really made them.

* X. Lovegood. Good scenes, but not one i'd watch again and again.

* The Tale of the Three Brothers. The animation was nice and unexpected. The thing is i don't like skeletons and it's hard for me to love love anything that features one.

*The wedding scenes.


*Where the frick was Dean, the invisibility cloak, and Charlie weasley?

* No mention of Dumbledoors less than savory past. I really think this should have been included. It shows how Dumbledore could have gone the path Voldemort and the Ministry is going, but changed. It made him a more rounded character in the book and shows that people are possible of changing and the people aren't just good or bad. That many are in a gray area.

*Why no mention of Ariana?

*Poor poor Regulus Black. I really wish his tale would have been mentioned. It would have again shown that people are possible of changing.

*No Lily letter. How hard would have been to put it in for  a second.

*Grindlewald should have been explored more. Specially Albus and his relationship/friendship.

*Dobbys burial. That scene was so freaking moving in the book. I was teary. It wasn't nearly as dramatized as it needed to be in the movie.

*Wormtail lives??? He was supposed to repent.

can't say on the soundtrack though. As i said earlier I seemed to have gotten the theater with the most obnoxious high schoolers and college kids possible (says the 24 year old). Many talked through the movie. So i had trouble hearing it. Already ordered it though. 

All in all i have to see the movie again to get a full feel of it. I should be doing that next weekend or the week after. 



Tara SG (25 Hour Books) said...[Reply to comment]

That looks almost exactly like my tie :)

Really great review! My dad is going to be so mad about them leaving out more of Dumbledore's story :/