Tuesday, January 18, 2011


                                     "Change isn't good or bad. It just is"-- Don Draper "Mad Men".

I'm never around here anymore I know. Mostly because i've been feeling like this:

because of work. Earlier this year i decided to change my hair color when i was unhappy. I'm doing something just as dramatic now..... I'm changing jobs. Not job descriptions though. Working at CVS has been entirely and utterly stressful. Add a co-worker who seems determined to treat me like the dirt under her feet i usually come home in one of these moods.

As you can see very little happy face. Mostly i come home exhausted and burnt out. Now I like all but the one co-worker, but the fact of the matter is that i feel like i get no respect, underpaid at that, and i'm one of the eldest people in the pharmacy yet get treated like i'm one of the youngest. So around Christmastime i started debating on looking at other jobs. On a whim two weeks ago i asked the pharmacist at our local Target if they were hiring. I've always heard great things about Target. I found out they were hiring and Janelle told me to go home right then and fill out the application. (I did sort off. I had to first stop and look for medicine for Rachel bunny. Rachel was sick for the past month, but she's all better now. Now Mary is sick with some tummy issue). I got the interview on the 10th and i found out i got the job on the 13th. ^^ So now i'm going to be a pharmacy technician at  Target pharmacy. It would be full time hours (32-40h), M-F, and i'll get a pay raise (from $8 to $10.75) to start. When i pass the national exam i'll get a raise as well. Also the job is only 3 minutes away from my house instead of 30. So less travel time. I start on February the 1st.

Now admittedly i'm going to miss a lot of my co-workers and pharmacist. Besides the one they've always been very kind. I've had a lot of laughs and some good times. The thing is that i feel that i got to do this. I'm not entirely all that happy and i wish to be. I also want to have more energy to do the things i love like read or walk the dogs. Instead of just flopping in bed exhausted.  Too tired to read or even get on the computer. With this new job i might even give online dating a try (if i can find a good site. I'm going to be 25 in two months i'm getting pretty pathetic to say i've never had a boyfriend). I have no idea why i'm writing this here... I sort of feel like i owe an explanation why i've been MIA..... So as Don Draper says "Change is neither good nor bad. It just is".... So here's to the new change in my life.