Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue Review

 I'm branching out more in my reviews. ^^ Now i'm adding movies, ect... oh heck. I'll review anything that i feel like should be acknowledged. ^^

New Tinkerbell movie came out! Being an unapologetic Tink fan that i am i went out and got it on the first day. ^^ Course there was no end to the looks i was getting from people. I didn't care. I'll shout it from the roof "I'm 24 and i went out and bought a little girl's movie". I even watched it last night and ordered the free (Well not technically free since it cost me $2.85 to ship) Tinkerbell charm bracelet that was offered with the movie,

I have to admit i was a bit disappointed in this one. Course a disappointing Tinkerbell movie is still better than half of the other animated movies coming from the USA right now. I think what went wrong was taking Tink out of the fairy world or Never Never land. The story of human girl meeting a fairy and becoming friends have been done to death, beaten, and kicked. The world of Neverland has barely been explored and i would have adored to seen more of it.

Lizzy, the little human girl, wasn't that bad of the character. She was just predictable. So was the story in a way. The moment her father captured the un-finished being painted butterfly you knew that he would capture one of the fairies. You knew that Tink would make Lizzy fly to save said fairy. And you knew that he would let the fairy go, they both would become BFF'S with the fairies, and live happily ever after.

There were also some 'when did that happen" parts in the movies. Such as when did Tinkerbell and Vidia become friends. In the other movies they both hated each other. Also when the fairies start camping out in the mainland/human world. I can't help but wonder if it was explained in the books or not.

There were some simply brilliant moments although. I loved every scene with the other fairies when they're on their "rescue" of Tinkerbell. I'm still cracking up at Rosetta's refusal to go through the mud and the other fairies are like "you're a garden fairy". Then she's like "About that...". ^^ Then at the end when they have the cat so high on catnip he's sitting there petting cheese the mouse. ^^

All in all i still loved the movie and glad I bought it. ^^ I am simply DYING to see the next one coming out this winter. "Tinkerbell and the Mysterious Winter Woods".


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...[Reply to comment]

I have watched the other tink movies and i have to agree with you, when I saw that this one was in the human world, i was like 'eh'. Plus, where's Terrence? lol

By the way my teaser tuesday book comes out this week :) It's so good!