Monday, December 6, 2010

Disney's Tangled Reviewed

I'm not dead! The holidays and craziness at work has just left me tired less posty.

       Anyways.. yesterday my sister and I went to go see the new Disney movie "Tangled". We both needed a break and i had gotten a free ticket when i bought "Beauty and the Beast" on blue ray. First thing first, i didn't go into this movie with very high expectations. Needless to say Disney hasn't been sending out a lot of movies i've liked in a while (Tinkerbell excluded). "The Princess and the Frog" went down as one of the worst Disney movies i've ever saw and lets not even go there on the live action.

    Therefore i was extremely and pleasantly surprised to say i came out of the theater exuberant.  I ADORED Tangled. It's now ranks up as one of my favorite movies of all time and ties with Beauty and the Beast as my favorite Disney movies. In fact i can venture to say i think all the adults in the theater throughly enjoyed it. If the face that 95% of the laughter was from we adults is any indication. ^^

The story mainly stars Rapunzel (obviously), Flynn, Mother Gothel, a chameleon named Pascal (does not talk, but extremely funny), and a horse named Maximus (again doesn't talk, but utterly hilarious). The story goes is that the sun let go of a spark and created a magical flower than can heal and restore to youth anyone or thing. Mother Gothel discovers this flower as an old woman and uses it for hundreds of years to keep herself young. When Repunzel's mother was pregnant with her she got extremely sick. All the people in the kingdom loved their king and queen and went on a search for the mystical flower. Now one evening in her haste to not be discovered Mother Gothel leaves the flower un-hidden one night when she hears the party of people searching. The people find and take the flower back to the palace which heals the queen. She then gives birth to Rapunzel. One night Mother Gothel breaks into the palace with the intent of taking some of Repunzel's hair which has the flower's magical properties. She discovers that once it's cute the magic goes away. So she kidnaps Rapunzel and locks her in a town so she may use her hair to keep herself alive forever. Thus the story starts. I don't want to spoil anymore, but the movie is wickedly funny and i actually enjoyed it more than the last Harry Potter Movie. So go see it!!!!!  Some pictures to leave you by...


Arec said...[Reply to comment]

Omg I loved this movie so much. It has been such a long time since Disney has put out a good Princess movie that I was definitely surprised but delighted. My 23 year old sister and I went to go see it as a sister night and we both adored it. I felt it was kind of sad, though,that the only one laughing in the theatre was the 21 year old (me).