Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm not dead... i've just joined the world of working joes


I'm alive... I'm alive. Seriously. I didn't realize till now it's been march since i've last posted anything here. The beginning of March actually. Let's see what i've been up to...

1) I'm still working full time as a pharmacy technician. I've accepted it's my lot in life and vow to start studying for the national exam. I will. Promise. I keep telling myself the sooner i do the faster i can find a job that pays more than poverty rate.

2) I've lost my special little boy. Brighton Bunny passed away in May. He was seven almost eight. He is still greatly missed.

3) I've had multiple vet visits for Rachel bunny and Izzy (dog). They know me well enough that when they called in a med for Izzy at my work; they knew it was me on the phone and said they were calling in one for "my dog".

4) Given online dating a try. Learned that online dating is not for me. Did get my first kiss. Got disgusted later by man giving kiss. Prefer to push said experience out of mind.

5) I turned 25. I'm officially the 25 year old spinster who is still living in her parents house. Sad. I know.

6) My old computer held up it's white flag and decided it had enough. So now i have a laptop that is connected to my old computer screen. So cool. I feel like i can play secret spy with it.

7) I've fell in love with historical fiction.

8) I've officially run out of room in my room for my books. Next step renovation since knocking down the wall to gain access over the garage isn't plausible, nor can i afford my own place to make my own library. Come September.  My walls are getting a makeover. They're getting painted a new color and instead of a border I'm going to have bookshelves lining the top of my room............ Ashley thinks i'm going to be on a future episode of "Hoarders".

9) I've watched my childhood/teenage years fly away with the end of Harry Potter and the closing of Borders.

& 10) Well..i'm not interesting enough to have ten new things in my life. 


*Andye* said...[Reply to comment]

Glad you're back! YAY historical fiction!! Harry Potter!!! Boo, Borders. :D