Monday, July 25, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 review.

LOVED IT!!!!!!

I got home from work around 5:45ish and Ashley calls on the phone. She and Matt are at the theater getting their tickets because they’re nearly sold out for the premiere. The manager told them that they’ve never had as big a premiere before. In fact they have to get tickets for Deathly Hallows p1 as well just to have a seat for the premiere with me. In fact, I was extremely lucky to be seeing it in 3D because if you got 2D tickets you’d have to leave the theater afterwards and hope to find a good seat.

She tells me that there are already people waiting in line dressed as Gryffindor/ Syltherin students and that a whole bunch is walking around the mall. So I feed the buns real quick, get into my Gryffindor uniform (with shorts this time and my HP buttons), and head down to the theater. For the first time it actually felt like those big premieres with a bunch of fans because I was able to debate the series for a while.

At 8pm we were allowed to enter the theater and Ash and Matt made the right choice of showing up then. They were only showing Part 1 in the two 3D theaters and the one I was in was quite full. Ash and Matt had never been to a midnight showing of a film with such a large fan base and found the other fans’s reactions interesting and somewhat funny. I just took in the first film entirely knowing that I’ll never see it on big screen again.

Then it was time for the premiere. It was so bittersweet knowing that it was the last time I would see a HP movie at midnight I almost cried over that thought alone. I will say it was EPIC!!!!! I adored it and it is one of my favorite in the franchise. That is not to say it is without its issues. I’m going to see it again next weekend (Not going this weekend. It is going to be nutty) and will be able to have a bigger picture of the flim. I was in too much awe this time around.

I will say I loved 99% of it. I loathe the whole Tonks/Remus relationship and was glad that part was down played extremely. They should have left out the whole “son” thing though. If Ash hasn’t heard me ranting about the relationship and kid should would have never had known WTH it was about (neither she nor Matt read the last 3 books). I was also glad the romance was kept to a minimum. The movie has left me conflicted though. I’m now a Harry/Luna, Harry/Hermione, & Luna/Neville shipper. I say we go for the four way and fix it all together.

Speaking of Neville…. Where was a giant moment of glory? I was disappointed his glory moments weren’t as big and he was made fun of a bit. I was really looking forward to seeing Neville being the big dame hero he was in the book.

Another thing I’m a bit disappointed is that we still don’ know how Remus , Tonks, and Fred died. I mean Remus is literally dead of the ground again. I’m guessing Fred died from a curse. I think there was a scene with a death eater doing something to him while he was in the corner. Guess he didn’t die from the wall hitting him… The movie was nice and cleared up what happened to Griphook and Lavender. Griphood, Death by crazed Voldie, and Lavender, death by psychotic werewolf.

Speaking of Voldemort, Ralph Fiennes deserves a freaking Oscar for his role. He was completely and utterly brilliant. You could just see Voldemort going crazier and crazier. He was completely amazing. The battle between Harry and Him was how it should have been in the books. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Another actor worthy of praise was Alec Rickman. Now I didn’t cry through any of the film. I thought I would during the “I’m about to die” part, but apparently the book is more emotional there. But dame! I was almost shedding tears during Snape’s death and memories scenes. Those scenes were perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I really need to see the movie again to get a complete opinion as I have mentioned before. Time to dissect things again….. But still 100% made of Win.