Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: "Heiress in Love" by Christina Brooke

Book: Heiress in Love (Ministry of Marriage book 1)
Author: Christina Brooke
Release Date: June 28, 2011

During the course of reading this book i found the title unfitting of the story. I do believe "Pride and Prejudice: The hero is not Mr. Darcy, nor is the heroine Lizzie; but they share some similarities and it's rather fitting of a title". Too Long. How about this " Trust and the Regency Romance". No. Sounds too much like a non-fiction title. How about "To trust a rake and other stuff". Shorten it down to "To Trust a Rake" and i think we found a winner. Because truthfully the heroine was actually a widow and was really in lust most of the time. Love came later. Like in chocolate you lust for it and then love it.

See i'm on the fence on this one. I neither dislike it, nor am i over the moon for it. I'm stuck quite firmly in the middle. Some background information. Jane, Lady Roxdale, has just been widowed. Worse yet her husband kicked the bucket in the middle of "entertaining a lady friend". To save face Jane pretends it was her, but still. Her husband just died in bed in the middle of sex and everyone knows it. How humiliating. To make matters even worse seeing as no heir was produced everything is set to go to the next in line for the title.Her husbands cousin Constantine Black who is as big of a blackguard as his name is (as if that analogy hasn't been used before). The only thing Jane can hope is that the man allows her enough time to get hers, and Luke's (her dead husbands 6 year old ward) things in order to leave. The one thing she didn't expect was for her ex to screw up her life anymore than he already had, nor did she expect Constantine to as handsome as he was.

Constantine Black: Rouge, scoundrel, society pariah, and misunderstood & wrongfully accused hero. He's just like every other Black Night ever to live. Muscled, handsome, with the sex drive of a bunny rabbit to boot. The last thing he ever expected was for his dead cousins widow to be so appealing. The very very last thing he expected was for his idiot cousin to leave him the land and the money to his wife. So it stands he hand the property, but not the funds to keep it. The only thing to do is to marry chit. If only she wouldn't look at like she wanted to ravish him all the while impaling him in the heart with sewing needle at the same time.

As i said earlier i'm in the middle with this book. It may be me, but i don't find the whole lust then love thing exciting. Rather boring actually. My favorite parts of this book was when the hero and heroine wasn't trying to undress each other with their eyes or literally. I actually would have enjoyed more of those parts. I will also say i thoroughly enjoyed every scene that Lady Arden and the Duke of Monford appears. I want them to have their own book!! It would be interesting to see read their story seeing as to their background.

As to the hero and heroine individually... i'm in the middle with them as well. They seemed interesting at first, but after awhile i started wishing for the book to end. It just went on and on and i'm like just get one with it already. Oh look a Robin! I feel like i'm getting sun burnt on my back (I was reading it outside). As you can read my mind started to wonder towards the end. Not a good thing.

Also note. This author does not write a very good "tortured hero". A mildly irritated one, but not tortured. The heroine was a bit of a haughty prick sometimes as well.....

All in all and ok book. I do want to read the next on though. It seems to hold more promise. The brief glimpse of the hero for it we had in this book was also quite entertaining as well.

Final rating: 3 Bunnies. Good premises, but it feel short of many accounts.