Friday, October 8, 2010

Be kind to your pharmacy technicians a plea from one

Please be kind to your Pharmacy Technicians.

We have no control over the price of your prescriptions or if your insurance will cover it or not. We try our best to get everything filled as fast as we can, but delays can happen. Believe it or not we cannot snap our fingers and your prescription is done. We have to wait for the computer to bring it over to the production station, find it in the shelves, and then count every pill. Twice if it's a controlled substance. There is also the sheer volume of prescriptions we get a day. A hundred or more and that takes time. I cannot help if the computer placed your prescription at number 30. I have 29 more to fill before yours. If you want it quicker come inside to wait.

Problems do happen. We do not carry an never ending stock. Our computers do go down (like yesterday) and in the 21st century our work is connected to the PC. We can do nothing about it till tech fixes it. That means that will be overloaded with work when work comes back and you'll just have to wait a bit longer. Somethings your prescription can be misplaced in the bins. We are only human after all. Note that we also work long hours standing and only get one break. The pharmacist works from opening to closing without a break.

So please don't yell, get snappy, or be generally mean to us. We don't go looking for trouble.So remember...

Be kind to your Pharmacy Technician.

* This note is brought to you from a Pharmacy Technician and is no way associated with others. Though it probably does apply to all of us.