Saturday, October 30, 2010

Review" The Lost Hero" by RicK Riordan

Book: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
Release Date: October 12, 2010

Jason has a problem. He doesn’t remember anything before waking up in a bus full of kids on a field trip. Apparently he has a girlfriend named Piper and a best friend named Leo. They're all students at a boarding school for “bad kids.” What did Jason do to end up here? And where is here, exactly? 
Piper has a secret. Her father has been missing for three days, ever since she had that terrifying nightmare. Piper doesn’t understand her dream, or why her boyfriend suddenly doesn't recognize her. When a freak storm hits, unleashing strange creatures and whisking her, Jason, and Leo away to someplace called Camp Half-Blood, she has a feeling she’s going to find out. 
Leo has a way with tools. When he sees his cabin at Camp Half-Blood, filled with power tools and machine parts, he feels right at home. But there’s weird stuff, too—like the curse everyone keeps talking about. Weirdest of all, his bunkmates insist that each of them—including Leo—is related to a god. 
Join new and old friends from Camp Half-Blood in this thrilling first audio book in The Heroes of Olympus series. 

So i finally got to read this one! I pre-ordered it, but amazon took a week to ship it. It then took a few more days to get to me. So in the end i was left staring at my sister reading her copy she bought at wallmart wondering why i didn't do the same. 

The wait was well worth it. Not only was the book extraordinarily good, but i do say Riordan seems to be getting better and better each story he puts out. When i heard that Riordan was making a sequel to the Percy Jackson series i was a bit weary. I wasn't sure how well it could be pulled off or how he would do it. It was sheer genius though the way he did. I thought he was going to make the Roman Gods/goddess different entities. Instead he made them the same "being", but with multiple personalities disorders. 

We pick up in the stories a few months/year ( i forget) after "The Last Olympian" takes place. Jason wakes up on a bus not knowing who he is, where he is, or who this girl and boy sitting with him are. Not long he finds himself being attacked by Venti, finding out his couch is a fawn/satyr,he can apparently fly, and he's a demi-god. Jupiter/Zeus's son in fact. Jason gets called on by Hera/Juno to come save her and along with Piper and Leo he's off for the adventure. 

As I said earlier this book was amazing and that Riordan's writing keeps getting better in better. In the Percy Jackson books i couldn't stand Annabeth. Still can't. I was so extremely glad that Piper isn't like her. Piper really reminds me a lot of Sailor Venus (cookies if you know who i'm talking about) minus the occasional ditziness that Minako had. She is strong, smart, and can pull her own weight. And she does so in a way that is not obnoxious like Annabeth. She has her failings, but she pulls through. She makes you really want to root for her. The thing is that i think she is going to become a new "Helen of Troy" because Riordan seems to be hinting at it. I think she would do good with Leo though. There is some subtle hints that them getting together might lead to something bigger. Plus Jason has a possible "Reyna". 

Speaking of Jason; he's no Percy. I'm quite glad for it. I find it amazing how Riordan made him distantly roman compared to Percy's distinct Greekness. I quite liked his character and might even like him more than Percy. I think the best thing about Jason is that he never gets up. He knows something bad is going to happen, but he pulls through as well. Plus i think there is more to him than meets the eye. I'm a thinking that Hera might have given him more than just her sponsorship.

Leo, now this is how you write a third wheel in to the equation. He wasn't the stupid sidekick that Grover was. He was an equal. He had his own powers, abilities, and he was actually funny. Thing with him i think his wanting his mother back might tip him over to Gae's side. He's definitely the character you pay the most attention to his actions. Mainly because he is the one that is most able to be influences. Something I think Piper is going to have a major role in keeping him on the good side. 

Side note..... Thaila is back and looks to become a bigger character! No Nico though. *sad face*. Also with the ending.....WHAT KIND OF ENDING IS THAT!!! I Have to wait a whole freaking year to read what happens! DAME YOU RIC RIORDAN!!! I haven't wanted to read the next book in a series so bad since Harry Potter. *Pouts* The new Kane Chronicles book better come out in the spring....

Final Rating: 5 Bunnies plus gold glitter, band stand, and fireworks. I loved everything. ^^