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"All He Desires & An Affair Before Christmas, &

Back log reviews post #1.

All He Desires by Anthea Lawson (A husband and wife team in all reality)
Nov, 1st 2009


Far from home and her noble relatives, Miss Caroline Huntington has been injured in a fall from her horse. Called to her side, Alex Trentham knows he must assist her, though he has not practiced as a physician for a long while. Just to see so lovely a woman in a state of undress is a hard test of his self-control. Caroline is all that is warm and feminine, beautiful and pure. Brave to a fault, she does not flinch under his hands, and soon she is on the mend. To hide his feelings becomes impossible and Alex cannot. Her radiant innocence is dangerous to a worldly man...and she seems achingly eager to experience all the pleasure he could show her... 

To be honest, this wasn't the best book. I won this book from the author and was really excited to read it. Alex in this book left England to get away from a "grave and unforgivable act" he committed. Now living on the island of Crete he is a virtue hermit until one day in March 1848. That was the day when Caroline had fallen off of her horse and given herself a bad concussion and broken arm/shoulder. She was brought there by her friend and the French archaeologist working on the island. The banter and Caroline's whole recovery is rather witty and keeps you attached to the storyline. Then things start to get a bit corny. The whole emerging from the Cave of Zeus thing "new goddess and god" was a rather stupid comparison and one i could have done without. The most intriguing part of the story and one that kept you turning the pages was that someone wanted to kill Caroline and you known from the switching back and forth from England that it's her cousin. Her cousin wants her dead because his father, her uncle is making plans for formally adopt her and give her half of his fortune. This is problematic to her cousin since he already pledged the whole estate to what i'm guessing is a mod boss (it's never mentioned exactly what this guy is). Add a viscount (who addicted to opium) who wants to marry Caroline for said inheritance and you have the recipe for an interesting storyline. Unfortunately the authors burns the main course. 

Now the story went rather well till Alex and Caroline left Crete. Then everything falls apart. The ending is moronic. You get this big huge build up. Caroline is kidnapped and Alex goes to save her. She is kidnapped by the man her cousin owes the money too. This guy is planning to kill her so she can't get the inheritance. There is this big fight and chase scene between Alex and the guy's cronies and Alex managed to save Caroline. Then the whole storyline is dropped. I kid you not. They go up to York. Alex's big tragedy was that he accidentally killed a girl because there was a mix up of labels on medicine bottles. He gets over it rather fast after he confesses to Caroline. Fast like *click i'm cured*. They go up to his house and they plan to marry. They do. The end. The whole "mob boss wanting to kill Caroline" is brushed into a conclusion of "she's not going to be adopted and he has no more reason to kill her". The end. No confrontation. No police going after the men. I mean geese, it was one of the most anti-climatic things i've ever read and essentially killed the story for me. 

So all in all i give the book 3 Bunnies since it was good at the beginning, but it sucked major crap at the end

 An Affair Before Christmas by Eloisa James
Nov, 13th 2007

This was my first Eloise James book and i have to say it was interesting. Eloise writes in a way where you don't just get the hero or heroines POV, but a slew of other characters as well. This setup was surprisingly well done and made for a faster and more entertaining read. The reason i gave this book three stars can basically be attributed to the heroine Poppy. This is because i really didn't like her at all. She was whinny, self absorbed, and quite honestly grated my nerves. I constantly switched between wanting to bitch slap her and wanting to push her into a lake. Poppy never seems to grow up or have a major change in her personality. She only seems to grow horny. This is after years of not wanting to take part in sex or kisses at all. So no big character development there. 

I will give Ms. James credit where credit is due because the Hero, Fletcher, was quite entertaining and well written. I nearly died of laughter when i found out he hired a male night walker to ruin Poppy's mother reputation ( The mother is 10x's more annoying than Poppy). Fletcher was loyal and loving the whole entire book (which is more you can say about Poppy). I rather enjoyed him and had hopped he'd just divorce Poppy and move on, but atlas.... 

The side stories and the side characters in this book was also delish. I rather loved the whole Villiers/ Charlotte side story along with Jemma/Elijah. I was rather happy to learn that they both have their own books and i look forward to reading them. 


So all in all 3 Bunnies for good supporting cast and hero.