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Water bound by Christine Feehan

Water Bound by Christine Feehan
Release Date: July 27th, 2010

      Rikki Sitmore is not your average female.  She has strange reactions to things people may consider normal.  She only likes to eat peanut butter and broccoli and likes everything to be pristine and untouched. She might also be a sociopath because her parents, foster families, and fiancé’s houses all burned down and many of them died. But being a possible serial arsonist is not even the oddest thing about her. The winner is that she has the ability to control water (think water-bending in “Avatar: The Last Airbender” style). Rikki is therefore surprised that she didn’t sense the giant tidal wave until it was literally crashing down upon her. The tidal wave doesn’t just bring water, however, but also the most dangerous-looking and handsome man Rikki has ever seen. Against her better instinct, she decides to save him. During the rescue, she shares a moment with this dangerous man that is sure to shake her world.

      Lev Prakenskii is a very dangerous, deadly, and handsome man.  This is the one thing he knows as he finds himself slammed against the rocks after falling into the ocean. The next thing he knows, he is saved by a beautiful woman whom he can’t help thinking must be a mermaid. She pulls Lev out of the ocean and the dizziness and uncertainly causes him to react in a way that would have King Triton stabbing him with his triton. Rather than throwing him back into the ocean, the strange woman responds angrily to his actions. This rather sobers Lev up to the fact that Ariel did not save him, since she is yelling and not singing to him. Despite his dangerous behavior, the woman takes him home. Lev soon realizes he can’t remember anything except that he has killed a lot of people. The one thing he does know is that he wants to spend his life with this mermaid-like woman.
         I’m the first to admit that I’m no literary expert, but my biggest problem with this book was what I found to be poor writing. The author overuses adjectives and has the tendency to be repetitive and redundant.  I did not need to be reminded on every page that Rikki is a strange woman. I also got the point after the first fifty times that Lev is a deadly and dangerous man who has killed a lot of people.  I was tempted to start a drinking game every time I came across the words strange, deadly, dangerous, handsome, and a quite a few others. Needless to say, I would have been very drunk by the time I came to page two hundred, and the book is near five hundred pages long. Also, do we need a twenty page sex scene? A paragraph about walking into a grocery store?  This book really could have benefitted from a strong editorial hand. The weak editing really ruined the story for me.  I could not concentrate or care about the story because I kept trying to edit it in my mind.
       Setting aside the editing issue, the story was rather weak as well. I really felt no connection to either Lev or Rikki. None. I’ve never read a book where I’ve never even felt a small connection. Because I felt no connection to either of the characters, I could not care less about what happened to them. There were exciting scenes here and there, but they are quickly overridden with the overuse of repeating themes and thoughts. I really thought when Lev’s past was revealed, the story would take an interesting turn. It didn’t. The major plot points are who is starting the fires and trying to kill Rikki and whether Lev can escape from his dangerous and deadly past. Both are resolved in the most lackluster way possible.

     Oh yeah, Rikki and Lev got together at the end and I was relieved that the book was over.  Those who don’t mind a lot of adjectives and repetitiveness will probably like this book better than I did.


Lover of Romance said...[Reply to comment]

Good review!!! I love this author and own this book, but haven't been able to read it yet!! In some of her books she does do repetitive phrases, but I have gotten used to is because I love the way she writes. I have heard positive and negative points of view on this one, so its good to read one that is forthright. Thanks for sharing!! Have you read any other books from this author?

I am a new follower!!! Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!!

Happy Reading!

jedisakora @ The Little Corner of the World said...[Reply to comment]

Thanks Renee! ^^

I actually haven't read anything else by Christine. I had gotten this book for review.