Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone review

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone review
Release date: 1997

There is no point in putting a summary of the plot of this book because everyone and their brother has read it or heard about it. Therefore this review is most going to concentrate on my thoughts and stuff. 

I wish i could say I began my Harry Potter obsession with this book, but i can't. I actually read part of the second book first. Instead i can officially say that the movie adaptation of this book got my parents away from the belief that the series was "from the devil and evil". That's a long story and better saved for the review of the second book. I actually saw the movie of this before i read it so i kinda of knew the plot before hand. Therefore for those characters introduced up to book two the movie gave me my imagined characterization of them. 

Though i was sort of introduced to the magic through the movie i still fell head over heels in love with the series with the book. Mainly because it was the first Harry Potter adaption that i read fully. Books like this are rare. I can truthfully say that i have never read a book series before or after that comes close to what J.K. Rowling created. 

The Sorcerer's Stone really introduces the magic. You almost feel as Harry does learning everything about the magical world. It's breathtaking. I will be the first to admit that i wish the world was real so i could go and enjoy the magic. I'm that type of fangirl. ^^ 

The interesting thing about the book is that you can read it either as a author first learning to write or as the thoughts and perspective of a eleven year old boy. I prefer the later. This way you can read the series as a boy maturing in mind and thought. The writing is really simple in this book, but yet brilliant at the same time. 

I say brilliant i mean Brilliant. There are many one liners and thoughts that become major players later in the series. Some notable ones is the mention of Sirius Black, hints at the prophecy regarding Harry, the observation that Snape "really hates" Harry, Snape swooping around like an overgrown Bat, Harry's mouth touching the snitch, the Centaurus mentioning mars (the planet of war)hinting at the upcoming war, the hinting of immortality and Voldemort, the obvious harry understanding the snake, hagrid mentioning Lily's and James's friends, and a few others that i made mental notes, but forgotten (Might need to physically write them down next time). These drops just shows how great an author J.K.Rowling is. 

Nothing really much to say. After all. There are only so many times you can say "brilliant" without it becoming repetitive and redundant. 

So 5 stars with gold sparkles, fireworks, and marching bands. ^^