Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"The Rake" by Mary Jo Putney review

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The Rake by Mary Jo Putney
Release date: April 1st, 1998

Excerpt:  Fate has given a disgraced Rake one final chance to redeem himself--by taking his place as the rightful master of an ancestral estate. But nothing prepares him for his shocking encounter with a beautiful lady who has fled a world filled with betrayal. Now he will awaken in her a passion more powerful than anything she has ever known--a passion that can doom or save them both if they dare to believe. 

I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. I got it after an recommendation and i'm very glad i did. 

Reginald Davenport is not your average hero. In fact he could probably be more considered a very lucky drunk. This all changes when his cousin givens him Strickland after discovering the land and hall was originally Reggie's to begin with. Reggie decides to go down to the estate after a rather rough night or drunkenness. There he meets Mr. Weston or rather "Miss. Weston" the steward of his estate. Reggie, amused at the fact that his steward is a female, allows her to stay on along with her young wards. This probably turns on to be one of the best decisions of Reggie's life. This is because Alys helps Reggie gets over his alcoholism. During his whole battle with alcoholism in the book she, along with his very tolerant and patient valet Mac, is Reggie's support system. The author really writes the disease of alcoholism quite well. In my family there has never been an alcoholic, but i'm addicted to Dr. Drew and his "rehab shows" and the alcoholism was depicted quite well from what i've scene and heard Dr. Drew describe. Reggie finally manages to quite alcoholism, but acknowledges the fact that it's going to be a life long process to avoid it. Of course in the end he also catches Alys. ^^ 

Now one of the things i'm usually am picky about in books is lack of plot. This book really didn't have one in terms of a "normal plot". Instead the plot was really about Reggie learning to deal with his disease and lead a better life. There is a tiny sub plot with Alys, but it doesn't encompass much of the book. Getting back to what i was saying that despite the lack of plot this book was really well written. It kept you interested and wanting the turn the next page. You also formed a connection with the characters. More so with Reggie in my opinion than Alys, but still a good connection. Reggie is also hilarious and makes you love him despite his many many bad faults (something he is not afraid to point out). 

Therefore i bestow this book 5 bunnies due to: good writing, excellent characters, realistically portraying aspects of life, Humor, and nicely developed plot line.